Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Planting new "babies"

When it is time to plant we like to have as much help as possible. We have to have delivered some new medium - at the moment we are using a type of bark mixture, and it will arrive about the same time as the plants. As most of the propogators are local - in Brisbane - we usually collect our plants, which come in trays, each plant in a little jiffy pot.

We fill each pot with the bark mixture and place them in their rows in the hot house. Then the drippers are placed in each pot - loosely at this time.

Then we prepare some trays and dishes. Each new plant is dipped in diazanon (we wear stong gloves to do this) and then in a Nutritech mixture, and then they sit in a tray until ready to put in the pots in the hot house.

We can do several hundred in an hour, or less if there are more than two of us working on it at the time.

festival plus 010

Spring flush

In spring the flowers really take off and for a few weeks we almost struggle to keep up. There are plenty of blooms to pick, and of course it is a busy time in the florist shop so they usually purchase all our crop. It is also about this time that we prepare to sew more plants - as the propogators release their stocks.

We have ordered months before hand so we know what we have to do. Old plants are discarded - sold if we can manage it - and we prepare for the new plants.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Another odd flower

Every now and then a strange flower will appear. This one has pink petals being pushe dot from the centre of the flower. It is a pretty flower and a very popular colour with the florists. I like working with ood flowers as they make a talking point in an arrangement.

Long lasting

I checked and these flowers, although looking a little worse for wear have been in their vase for over two weeks now. They are on their "last legs" but it indicates how long they can last if kept properly. They do like dark glass vases (green bottle on this occasion) and regular fresh water. Now I haven't changed the water at all in two weeks and they have lasted. What if I had changed the water?............

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Spring blooms

We are a few days into spring and although the weather has been inclement (overcast and rain) the flowers are blooming. We are headed for the "spring flush" - a time when the flowers bloom at a fast rate. Which is good, as people like to brighten their homes in spring and generally the sales of flowers increase. It is a good time for us.