Sunday, November 30, 2008

From the back streets of old Shanghai

Gerberas are popular in China and mostly they appear in arrangements similar to the one above where gerberas are mixed with other flowers on a cane frame. There is a block of what we would call "oasis" which is full of water and the flowers are inserted into this water filled block to keep them fresh for longer periods. (I suspect that few of the new owners of these arrangements ever "top up" the water, as the flowers are soon dead!)

Many of these arrangements are used in shops or restaurants particularly new ones. This is one of the best arrangements of this type that I have seen.

We visited Old Shanghai Town which is beside Yu Gardens in the old part of Shanghai - there are many tourists and locals who shop in this vicinity, but we were "off the beaten track" in the back streets behind the Dragon Gate Mall, where these arrangements were sitting on the street outside the florist shop.

There are many many florists in China - quite surprising really!