Monday, February 25, 2008

One door closes and another opens.

Our flower growing enterprise is about to close. The property is on the market and I have flown to China to teach English for several months, so all the parts of the business that we can sell, are on the market. It is very sad – but it was a decision we made.

We’ve been holding some garage sales, as along with the copious pots that we no longer want, there are things from the house that we no longer want, so
bedroom furniture and other pieces have found their way to the sale. We are going to de-clutter so some of the old furniture (including dining furniture) will go on the sale.

While it is a sad time in some ways for us, we have the philosophy that as one door closes another opens, so we work on the next phase of our lives. It’s funny – we are selling the
bar furniture too – and we’ve never really set up the bar. I’m looking forward to having all new gear when we set up again.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A change of direction

This is being forced on us in some ways - as the property on which our Gerbera Farm exists is on the market. We are not in a position to buy it, and in any case I am headed to China tomorrow to teach English. We have been selling off parts of the business - plants have been sold to other growers and people who are interested in Gerberas.

We have people interested in purchasing the hothouses, the cold room, pumps etc. Bit by bit it is going. The end of an era for us.

It will be sad - and the grand children will not have "free flowers" to take to their teachers at school either. I will not have them in the house when I return.

But, it is a change of direction and I'm keen to get on with the next part of my life.