Saturday, December 30, 2006

Roof Repair

We've been lucky - the weather has been kind to us, and we have managed to put on the new roof. It did rain a few times, and the plants under the holes suffered a bit, but we had plenty of flowers up until Christmas, and of course fewer orders over the holiday period so there were no problems.

We had a little rain - actually almost one inch on one occasion, but no damage done. I've had time to do some deleafing and fix up some of the plants that have grown wildly out of control.

We are still having problems with moths and they seem to laugh at the spraying. I think we are winning, but some days you'd wonder.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Merry Christmas from Gough Hill Farm

Guess who visited Gough Hill Gerbera Farm - we all send Christmas Greetings to everyone!

Roof Repair

After the storm a few weeks ago, we've survived with a gaping hole in the roof of hothouse number one, whilst a new roof was "built". Oddly enough the flowers below did not suffer much. We have had some rain, but not enough to cause any problems and we've just had to sweat it out until the new roof arrived. Then of course it needs two strong men and a non-windy day to install.

After weeks of mostly fine hot dry weather, the days after the new roof arrived hve been anything but. The guys were all set to do it today (Sunday 17th) and it is too windy to do so, with the chance that this weather will continue for a few days, and with high winds, it is causing us some concern. But there's not much we can do. Just wait it out and hope that all will be well.

The florists are pretty busy and this last week before Christmas they want red flowers for their Christmas arrangements. Thank goodness we have plenty of them!