Sunday, January 27, 2008


We were thrilled when local photographer Craig Taylor asked if he could take some photos of our flowers, especially when we learned that his wife, Louise, creates wonderful products from Craig's photos.

Craig and Louise market their products via the Internet and also at Manly (Queensland) Markets, where we often sell flowers and Gerbera plants.

Today I saw some of the products - and scored for myself a business card holder with the Popov gerbera on it. Louise has created a number of products including mouse mats, business card holders, watches, travelling clocks, earrings, and more.

Go to Louise's website to see for yourself. You can order online or call to see them at the Manly Markets on a Sunday morning.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Some oddities..................

Sometimes flowers don't form properly. Sometimes it is because there has been a bit of damage to the stem as it emergences from the crown of the plant. Sometimes it happens for reasons that we never bother to determine. If a lot of them did it, we would investigate further, but this one was a freak from the start.

Two flower heads appeared on the stem, but the stem had fractured sending the stem into a strange shape.

Ofcourse the flower et al was confined to the bin - it is of no value other than just a curiosity for a while.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bad weather continues

It has been overcast and/or raining for the past few weeks - while the flowers have adjusted to the change in weather, and flowing well it has reduced the requests from florists. It has also made it difficult to sell flowers out the front on the roadside. If it is raining - it just doesn't happen.

Though the children made $100 on Wednesday - and hope to go to the markets at the weekend, weather permitting - (I'm busy at a course on Sunday) so I hope they do.

The people who have bought flowers from us at the market, keep coming back say how thrilled they are as the flowers last and last. Good stories, but they also add that the flowers have lasted so long that they don't need any more!

Life's like that!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Flowers doing well despite the weather.

South East Queensland has had less than optimum weather for Gerberas lately. Little sun, lots of overcast days and good rains. However, after initially having a few days of "go slow" there is a flourish of activity and buds and flowers are everywhere.

The children will be able to sell flowers from out the front of their house and help pay for their ticket to Adelaide.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time "deleafing" - it is amazing how much foliage has grown. The plants are healthy that's for sure, which requires us to do the trimming. We call it "hair cutting" as we use large hedge clippers to cut the overhanging foliage down each side of the rows of plants. It is a big job - and in the heat and humidity.