Sunday, August 10, 2008

Appartments in Shanghai

I mentioned in an earlier post that the apartments we stayed at in Shanghai featured Gerberas. This photo is of just one of the flowers. Each table in the restaurant had a fresh Gerbera - such as this one in a delightful vase, with some glass marbles at the bottom of the vase.

The New Harbour Service Apartments are at number 88 Yongshou Road, Shanghai. It was great to stay in a place where we had a little space. Our apartment had two bedrooms, a nice bathroom/toilet, a very pleasant lounge and dining room and a small kitchen. The kitchen was poorly presented - no spoon, (not even to stir in the sugar of our coffee). There were two cups and saucers, and some glasses. If you wanted to cook up something you'd have to hire the cultery, the plates etc and anything you need to use. Here in Australia we've stayed in apartments where all these items are provided. And you pay if they are not all there when you depart!!!

From our window we could see Old Chinatown and parts of the the Huangpu River, as well as many of the high rise buildings. It was a short walk from Peoples Square and the Shanghai Museum, and a bit further to Nanjing Road.

Even if you need to catch a taxi - it is not far, so there's no high expensive cab charge.

Would I stay there again? In a heartbeat. I hope to do so one day soon.

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