Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gerberas in China

I was out with a student yesterday, in the city. We had to wait for her dorm friends near the Shaoxing Women's and Children's Hospital so there were a lot of florists there. Hospital visitors spend a lot of money getting elaborate gifts of flowers, food, and toys (no doubt for new mothers) in these shops.

I was interested in the Gerberas of course - and was trying to find out the Chinese name for Gerbera - but was out of luck. Couldn't fathom it out.

There was an arrangement of yellow and white christanthemums on a cane stand. My student friend just said. "These are for a dead man." No further explanation.

The flowers are spectacular - lots of Oriental lilies, and roses, and strelizia. Wonderful arrangements. But they don't seem to use wires with their gerberas.


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